Model: DMX-06

Denn 6 Channel Digital Mixer DMX-06



  • Mixer Type: 6-channel
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP): 6 program (SPX-Arithmetic)
  • Bluetooth Function: No
  • USB Input with MP3 Playback: No
  • USB Recording Function: No
  • Aluminium Side Panel: No
  • Built-in Flight Case: No
  • Built-in Layer Servo Fan: No
  • Rack Mounted: No


  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP): 6 program built-in digital effect SPX
  • Balanced Mono Mic / Line Channel:6 channel (2 balanced mono mic / 2 stereo line in channel)
  • TAPE / AUX Input: No
  • Channels Section: PAD : 26dB HPF : 80Hz, 12dB / oct EQ High : Gain ±15dB, Frequency 10kHz shelving EQ Low : Gain ±15dB, Frequency 10kHz shelving Peak LED : LED turns on when post EQ signal reach 3dB below clipping (+11dBu)
  • Inserts: No
  • Ultra-Musical Band EQ Channel: Ultra-musical 2-band EQ channel for channel 1&2
  • Frequency Control on Mono Channel: No
  • 80Hz High Pass Filter: Yes, to eliminate stage rumbling
  • Peak LED Indicator: Yes, for all mono channel
  • 48V Phantom Power: Yes, for ultra-low noise discrete mic preamps with +48V phantom power
  • Segment Bargraph Meters: 7 segment bar-graph meters for main L/R output
  • Volume Control: Variable resister control
  • Stereo Graphic Equalizer: 2×2 band graphic EQ
  • Monitor Out: No
  • Phone Jack: 1 1/4″ phone jack output
  • Phone & Monitor Level Control: Single volume control
  • Master  Output: 2 channel master output (L/R) with XLR and 1/4″ mono jack output
  • Group Output: No
  • AUX Send & AUX Return: No
  • Record Out: No
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Product Dimension ( WxHxD ): 155mm x 62mm x 200mm
  • Weight: 0.9kg